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London Riots: "The whites have become black" says historian David Starkey »


David Starkey blames black male culture for the London Riots. He asserts that Chavs (the white underclass) are now expressing themselves in Jamaican Patwa. Starkey clearly defines Black culture as bad and White culture as good. It’s disgraceful but predictable and how a significant proportion of Britain feel right now. This attitude is a part of the problem.


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what makes one of these hairstyles ghetto?

i love this post. ghetto seems to always come out of people’s mouths to refer to something/someone african/african american. when you even THINK of the term ghetto you think black people. Just keep the word out of your mouth period. Just stop using it


I love this. This was the point I was making the other day, with blacks experimenting with different hair colors. Love this post.

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